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Release Date: TBD 

Genre: Romantic Suspense 






prom-ise: assure someone that one will definitely do, give, or arrange something; undertake or declare that something will happen. 

NYPD Officer Ryker Cunningham comes from a family of men committed to upholding every letter of the law. But when he crosses paths with MaryAnn Glover, a troubled woman who not only tempts his heart but also his self-control, his need to protect her overrides everything he’s ever believed in. With a promise to keep her safe at any cost, Ryker shows MaryAnn what it means to live without fear…and love without regret.

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I hope 2016 is shaping up to be a great year for you. It's certainly been good for me so far. Not that I have gotten anything accomplished but things look promising.


I wanted to give a more detailed update of what you can expect from me this year and what's been happening in my little writing world.

Alright first things first...Sylvie.

Oh, Sylvie.

Have I mentioned how complicated and complex this woman is? How incredibly deep and emotional her story is? Because let me tell's been one hell of a journey so far.  I've decided she will be greatest challenge yet, but my most beloved story of them all. I set her aside once again back in August to finish Unlawful Justice. I didn't want to, but with the book being written in all female POV (with the exception of 2 chapters) I had to. Her feminine voice was bleeding into my writing of Grayson from UJ and we couldn't have our beloved Alpha sounding like a girl so she took a breather.

Then after release, the holidays consumed so much of my time she was neglected even more. When I finally did sit down and focus my attention her, she wasn't there. She'd retreated into a dark hole and I couldn't find her.

Frustrated, I attempted to work on You Are Mine (Alex & Alyssa's story), the fifth and final book of the MINE series but heart wasn't in it fully either.

I pondered for a few days.

Kicked around some rocks.

Drank a few beers.

Ok, a lot of beers.

What the hell was I going to do now?

My goal was to get these two books out this year and neither one of them would let me in. So as I was sitting there, wallowing in my own shit, a news segment came on about three brothers who had graduated the police academy together in New York. My wheels began to spin and before I knew it, I'd outlined and entire series.

Brothers in Blue.

I know it's not the smartest move to take on yet another story line when the two I have are at a complete standstill, but what's a girl to do when she is bombarded with 6 brothers who are not only Alpha as fuck, but all wear a uniform.

I knew I was in deep trouble.

Or in undeniable bliss.

I still can't decide.

So I grabbed the bull by the balls and ran with it. Now I'm 13K into this new series and I'm crazy in love it. It's heavy with romance of course but with an element of suspense as well. I think that's what was hindering me from progressing in my other stories. I missed the thrill of writing suspense I got from UJ.

This series will consist of 6 novellas, releasing at .99c each. They will all be standalones with HEAs of course. Meaning, you WILL NOT have to read the other books to follow along.

Pretty great right?

I plan on releasing book one soon. VERY SOON. Which means I'll be giving a release date soon as well. However, today I want to share the titles for each book and the hero's name and precinct.

The Officer's Promise (Ryker, 25 New York Police Department) 
The Detective's Trust (Reid, 27 Los Angeles Police Department) 
The Sergeant's Protection (Justin, 29 San Antonio Police Department) 
The Lieutenant's Possession (Asher, 32 Memphis Police Department) 
The Commander's Truth (Benson, 34 Metropolitan Police Department, Washington D.C.) 
The Chief's Vow (Denver, 37 Breckenridge Police Department) 

Are you excited as I am 'cause I'm pretty fucking stoked.

Now on to my goals for this year...

1. Release Sylvie.

2. Release You Are Mine as well as MINE series box set.

3. Release Brothers in Blue books as they happen. They are my pet projects so to speak. My go-to when nothing else is working but trust me, they will not SHUT UP!!!

So expect them to come fast and hard. <----that's what she said. :)

Of course I have no confirmed dates for any of this. I've determined I'm not that kind of writer/author. I write as it comes and I refuse to force anything is what it is and you'll get it when it's ready. I hope as readers you can appreciate that effort.

Here's to a new year filled with new stories and new adventures.

I'm ready.

Are you?!

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Christmas of MINE

The holidays are upon us and what better way to celebrate than with some of my favorite characters. I didn't realize just how much I missed the MINE crew. I had so much fun writing it, I didn't want to stop!!! 

I hope y'all love it just as much. 

I’ve spent the entire day baking and preparing for tonight. Christmas cookies, fudge, as well as an array of finger foods cover the surface. I’m beyond excited to spend the evening with all of our closest friends. To top it all off, it’s snowing outside. Practically unheard of here in the south this time of year.

It’s been difficult to get everyone together. With Cannon and Cora still living in Alabama, and everyone busy with their own lives, it’s been a challenge to keep in touch, but I try to stay current on what’s going on and make sure we all get together every few months. Because these people are more than just my friends.

They’re my family.

Cannon and Cora flew in a few days ago to spend the week with us. Our sons, Landon and Vaughn, always have so much fun when they’re together. They’re hoping to move back here soon now that the security company has taken off, and I hope that happens because I’m going to be sad to see them go.

But I’m not thinking about that tonight. I want to spend my time enjoying these beautiful moments, not anticipating when they will end.

I smile at Cora as she places a bowl of artichoke dip on the table. Having her here this week has been a huge help, I’m not sure I could have pulled any of this off without her.

“Katy, you’ve really outdone yourself this year. Everything looks amazing.”

I take a step back, admiring my handiwork. “You don’t think it’s a little overboard?”

“No way. Not at all. I wish I were as creative as you are.”

“Girl, please, recycled wine bottles, spray paint, and Hobby Lobby. The rest is all Pinterest inspired.”

“I’m so creatively challenged. Every time I try something on your DIY board the shit never turns out the way it’s supposed to.”

“You need more patience.”

“Pfft, I need Target. They sell it. I buy it. Done.”  

We share a laugh and I pull my phone from my back pocket to check the time as I make my way to the foot of the stairs.

“Archer, hurry up, they’ll be here any minute!” I shout.

As I stand there waiting, I take a moment to check myself in the foyer mirror, smoothing my hands down the front of my cashmere sweater that dons a litter of sweet kittens on the front.

“I’m dying to see his face,” Cora says, snickering beneath her hand as she joins me in the foyer.  

 “Don’t.” I swat her arm. “If you start I won’t be able to stop.” I school my face and turn around when I hear my husband clear his throat from the top of the stairs.

“Can you please tell me again why the fuck I gotta wear this shit?” His deep voice travels with him as he descends each step. 

I do my best to stifle a laugh but I can’t help myself. What he’s wearing is funny enough without his angry scowl adding to it. Cora doubles over in laughter, but I stand firm. However, my lips can’t control themselves.  

“Go ahead, laugh it up,” he says, his eyes cold and hard as he makes it to the landing, but I know better.

Damn, how can a man wearing a kitten sweater be so sexy? But paired with a dark pair of blue jeans, boots, and that full beard he’s been rockin’…

Sweet Lord.

“You look so hot, babe. You have no idea.”

“Cut the shit. There is nothing even remotely hot about this,” he says, throwing up his hand.

Cora scurries into the kitchen, unable to control her laughter any longer, as I struggle to contain my own. “If you would just give me what I want, you wouldn’t have to wear it.”

“We’re not getting a damn cat,” he states adamantly, placing his hands on his hips.

“Then a deal’s a deal. And you mean kitten.” I correct him while holding up my phone and tapping my camera app. “Now stop being a baby and smile for me, honey.”

“Stop. You know I hate that shit.”
          “Well, I love it. And I want lots of pictures of my man wearing the only kitty I’m ever gonna have. Remember?”

I want a kitten for Christmas and Archer has been completely against the idea. He’s not a fan of indoor pets. Least of all ornery ass cats, saying he only needed one pussy in the house. As flattered as I was by that less than romantic statement, I still wanted a pet we could all enjoy as a family. Archer would warm to the idea. I just had to convince him first.

And maybe torture him a little.

How can you not love a cute, cuddly kitten dressed in a Santa suit?

He looks absolutely delicious standing there with that disapproving look on his face. He shifts uncomfortably, folding his arms across his chest, trying to hide the offending feline decorating his sweater, making him look even damn hotter. He said the only way he’d allow a cat in this house was over his dead body.

Well…he’s not dead but the only thing I could come up with at the time was to force him to wear a cute, cuddly kitty since he won’t let me have one. And Archer, being the stubborn ass that he is, readily agreed. I knew he wouldn’t back out but I also knew he’d sulk about it, too.  

It wouldn’t be the holidays if you’re not giving your family hell, right?

 “I know why you’re doing this. You want me to spank that sweet ass of yours, don’t you?”

“Maybe.” I wrap my arms around his neck and smile up at him as his hands move to my hips. “Does a spanking earn me a kitty?”

A low growl slips between his parted lips just before they cover mine, hot and demanding. Five years of marriage and the man still sets my blood on fire, managing to turn me into a compliant mess anytime he has his hands on me. I forget my plight, losing myself in this breath-robbing kiss. But it’s not long before our heated moment is interrupted.

“HO, HO, HO, Merry Christmas!” Holden’s voice booms through the house as he and Maddie burst through the front door.

Archer stiffens around me, breaking our kiss, his forehead falling to my shoulder. “Jesus.”

“Oh stop. It’s not that bad.”

He releases me to face our guests as they remove their coats.

Unlike my husband, Holden has been eagerly awaiting our little get-together for weeks now and, just like the rest of us, dying to see Archer in his holiday best.

“Merry Christmas, y’all!” Maddie says, stepping around her husband who is now hunched over, laughing and pointing at Archer.

“I don’t know what you’re laughing at. You’re the one who looks like a tool,” Archer says defensively.

“I look way cooler than you.” Holden thrusts his chest out, showing off his sweater…

If you jingle my bells I can promise you a white Christmas.

          Maddie compliments him by wearing a blue sweater I made for her with tiny little bells sewn all over it.

Every time she moves it jingles.

          I can’t stop smiling. 

“You look ridiculous,” Archer says.

“Not as ridiculous as you!” Holden fires back.

We all lose it, filling the room with laughter, but Archer is unamused and clearly not in good spirits yet.

But the love in my heart for him is stronger than it’s ever been. The man fills me with so much happiness and joy even when he’s being a brooding ass. I can’t say it hasn’t been a challenge to find our balance, especially after Vaughn was born, but we worked together to figure out how to be parents and lovers at the same time and most of all, friends.

          “Holden, stop pokin’ the bear and hand me that wine. I hope you have the guest room made up because this girl is gettin’ drunky tonight.”

          “Yes, I’m hoping everyone will stay. It doesn’t show signs of letting up out there.”

          “Merry Christmas, guys!” Tabitha greets, walking through the front door while dusting off the snow. “Holy shit, it’s insane out there.”

          I collect their coats along with Maddie’s and Holden’s and see that Tabitha’s green sweater has Naughty on the front and Barrett’s red one has Nice.

“Oh my God, you two look so cute. I love it.”

          “Right? The house looks incredible, Katy,” Tabitha says as she closes in for a hug.

          The last three weeks have been spent decorating. Having a house this big was overwhelming at first, but when it’s filled with family, friends, and love…it’s perfect.

          “Your folks arrive okay?” I ask Barrett, looking over Tabitha’s shoulder.

          “Yes, they’re here until after the first of the year. They were all but shoving us out of the house,” he says.

          “Oh that’s great, and I hope you plan on staying. I made up the guest bedrooms. I want everyone to have a good time and not worry about driving home.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Good, because I have a brunch planned for the morning.”

          Cannon walks into the room holding a beer, wearing a long-sleeve shirt with a stocking on it that says…

I’m hung.

While Cora has on a fuzzy sweater with a fireplace on the front.

“You put a lot of thought into that, didn’t ya?” Holden remarks.

“I did,” Cannon says proudly.

          A little while later Alyssa arrives wearing a simple red sweater with a collared white shirt underneath, black knee-length skirt, black tights, and black flats.

          “Alyssa, you were supposed to wear something silly or tacky.”

          I was really hoping she would participate. I even took her shopping with me on several occasions to try and help her find something, but everything I pointed out she said no to. I just wish she’d step outside her comfort zone every once in a while.

It’s good for the soul.

          “I couldn’t find anything like…that.” She blushes furiously, pointing to the others who are all well into their second and third round of drinks. “Maybe I should just go.”

          She tries to turn to leave but I urge her forward. Maddie and I had to do some serious scheming to get her to come tonight. Lining up Maddie’s parents to keep all the boys was easy, it was getting Alyssa to take a night off that was so hard. I all but forced her to come tonight. If Alyssa won’t break out of her shell, we’d just have to crack it open for her.

          “It’s okay. C’mon. Want something to drink?”

          “No,” she replies quickly.

The last time she drank was six months ago when she got drunk here with all of us and insisted on going home. Since Alex was the only one who hadn’t been drinking that night, we had him drive her. I had wondered if anything happened between them that night because ever since then she has refused to drink.

I know my brother would have never taken advantage of someone in Alyssa’s drunken state, but now I’m wondering if something else happened. I have never been able to get a straight answer out of Alex, but I plan on getting to the bottom of it tonight.

          If he shows up.

          Since moving back to LA three months ago I’m lucky if I even get a phone call these days, but he promised he’d be here and he’s supposed to be staying with us for the next couple of weeks. He’s been traveling so much lately. I’m worried about him. I know he’s going through some things personally but he won’t talk to me about it.

He won’t talk to anyone.   

It’s around nine o’clock when we all settle in the living room. Everyone has had plenty to drink and eat, even Alyssa has relaxed enough to pick up a glass of wine but her laidback demeanor changes immediately the moment my brother walks through the door.

          I jump up, rushing over to hug his neck. “You made it!”

          He wraps his arms around me tight. “Sorry I’m late, sis. I missed my first flight.”

          “It’s okay, I’m just so happy you’re here. I’ve missed you so much,” I say, hugging him once more. My parents are still a part of my life but I’m closest with my brother, and the distance between us has been killing me.

          Reluctantly, I let him go so everyone else can greet him while I stand back and appreciate this amazing group of people in my life and how special this moment is.

My brother is home.

My friends are all together, filling my heart with such peace and joy. I return to my chore of writing down numbers while everyone mingles.

           “So what are the rules again?” Tabitha asks as I walk around the room so everyone can draw a number.

          “We go in order. Number one goes first, and they kinda get the shaft,” I say with a sympathetic smile as Archer unfolds lucky number one.

          “You’ve gotta be shittin’ me,” he grumbles, and I kiss his curled lip before moving on.

          “Number two goes and they can choose a gift that’s already been opened or unwrap another from the pile. But a gift can only be stolen twice, then it’s dead.”

          “Oh this is gonna be so much fun!” Maddie gleams.  

          “If everyone followed my prior instructions you’ve brought along one Dirty Santa gift, $30 or less and no gift cards.” I move around the room allowing everyone to draw numbers from the cup, and when I get to my brother I find his eyes focused on Alyssa across the room.

“I didn’t bring a gift, sis,” he says, finally bringing his eyes to mine.

“I got one for ya. Go ahead, draw.”

He smiles, pulling the last piece of paper from the cup.

Two hours later and more than a few playful steals and arguments, we’re all sitting around with our newly acquired gifts.

“I wanna know who brought the Tuggie,” Cannon asks, taking a sip of his beer. “Because that is some funny shit.”

Holden raises his hand.

Archer chucks the box at his head but Holden catches it before it makes contact and tosses it back. “It’s to keep your little fella warm, Arch.”

          “Little my ass. Fucker. And I don’t need a Tuggie to keep him warm, my beautiful wife does a fine job of that.”

          “Archer!” I scold.

          “What? Just speakin’ the truth, babe.” He grins.


It’s the first time he’s grinned all night, and I can’t say I’m not thrilled to be on the receiving end.

          “Well, whoever bought this gem wins Christmas. I’m not sure I’ll ever take it off,” Tabitha says, taking a sip from her scarf flask.

          “That’d be me,” I confess. “I was hoping you’d get it. I saw that and immediately thought of you.”

          “It’s perfect!”

          “Hey, what do you say we all play a game of charades?” Maddie suggests.

All of the men groan in protest.

          “Can’t we all just get drunk instead?” Cannon says, killing the last of his beer.  

          “Well, we could play drunk charades,” Cora suggests.

          “Count me out,” Alyssa says, getting up from the couch.

          “Wait, don’t leave, Lyssa,” Maddie pleads.  

          The entire room grows quiet, minus the Christmas music I have playing in the background, when Alex quickly moves to block her from leaving the room.

          “Can we talk?”

          “No,” Alyssa says firmly, refusing to look at him.

What is really going on here?

“Please,” my brother begs and her eyes lift to his. Something passes between them, a silent exchange that has the hair on the back of my neck standing on end.

“Go to hell!” she shouts, shoving him out of the way. I’ve never heard her raise her voice like that. Matter of fact, I’ve never even seen her angry before.

“The fuck you do to her?” Archer asks, stomping toward Alex.

“Why don’t you mind your own business?”

I quickly halt Archer’s pursuit by placing my hands on his chest. “Archer, relax.”

“You must have forgotten the rules, pretty boy. My house. My business.”

“Yeah, well, what goes on between her and me—it’s none of your goddamn business,” Alex spits out before leaving the room.

“I swear to God, I’m gonna kick his fucking ass.”

“Archer, please. Let me handle this,” I plead.

Archer looks down at me with a furrowed brow but easily submits to my request. He knows how close we are, or were, he also knows I will put him in his place when needed. I sigh in relief when Archer takes a step back and rejoins the others.

Thank goodness.

Last thing I need is my brother and husband at each other’s throats during Christmas. I make my way down the hall to the guest bedroom I made up for Alyssa, but I don’t even make it to the door before she comes rushing out, holding her coat and purse. Alex is hot on her heels.

“Thanks for having me, Katy. I’ll talk to you later, okay.”

“Alyssa, please, talk to me. I told you I was sorry, what more do you want from me?”

Alyssa plasters on a fake smile but I can see the tears welling up in her troubled eyes as she pushes past me.

I grab Alex’s arm before he can manage to get away, too. “What’s going on?”

“Not now, Katy. I need to talk to her first.” His voice is gravelly, almost broken. I release his arm when I see the pain embedded in his face along with a hefty dose of regret. He follows Alyssa, leaving me wondering what on earth happened between them to make her hate him so much.

By three a.m. Alex still hadn’t returned. I’d sent several text messages to them both, but the only response I got was from Alex letting me know Alyssa made it home safe and he would see me in the morning. I didn’t know what to think when I finally crawled into bed.

“Will you stop stressin’ about it?” Archer says, pulling me in close, his big, warm body heating mine.

“I can’t. It’s driving me crazy. I wanna know what happened between them.”

“Your dick of a brother probably opened his mouth. That’s usually his first mistake.”

“I just wonder what he’s done to make her so angry.”

“I have a few guesses.”

I sit up, looking down at him, moonlight casting shadows across his face. “Like what?” I ask.

He scoffs. “It’s so obvious.”

I slap his bare chest. “Will you stop being so damn cryptic, what’s so obvious?”

“That they slept together,” he says.

“No way.”

“Yeah, why else would she react that way?”

Hmmm…maybe he’s right.

Damn, I hate it when he’s right.

I remain quiet, still contemplating their earlier exchange, wondering when this all could have taken place.  

Archer rolls over, effectively covering my body with his own. “I think I know a way to get your mind off of it,” he growls into the crook of my neck. The whiskers of his beard elicit a band of goose bumps to ripple across my skin. I thrust my hips upward, silently begging for more, and my husband complies immediately with my request. His hand slips between my legs, finding me bare and ready.

“Soft, wet, and all fuckin’ mine.”


His mouth descends to my breasts, while his sure fingers work my clit, stroking back and forth as he builds a fire of incredible need below. My hands thrust in his hair, holding him closer to me as he licks and sucks the distended buds. An involuntary giggle fills the room.

“That tickles.”

“Furry lips make happy nips,” he says, scraping his teeth across my fevered skin.

“God, yes. I love it. I don’t ever want you to shave.”

“I didn’t plan on it.”

His mouth moves lower as he drops open-mouth kisses across my belly and hips.

“Archer, please.”

“Ah, I love it when you beg.”

His hand leaves me and I blow out a breath of frustration. Archer flips me over on my belly before gripping my hips with enough force to lift them off the bed. Then he settles in behind me on his knees, his hands fanning over my ass.

“Christ, I love this ass.”

I give him a little wiggle, earning myself a palm to my right cheek. The sting of the smack causing me to gasp.

“You know better than that. Who’s in charge?”

I smile to myself, knowing full well I am, but I’ll give my man what he wants. “You are.”

“Damn right I am. And this sweet ass is gonna be the color of our sheets when I’m finished with you.”

A cry of pleasure escapes when he thrusts inside of me, filling me in the most delicious way. He begins to move, slow at first, but soon each stroke becomes more powerful than the last. Driving into me...



The palm of his hand lands on my skin with a resounding crack once more, the bite of pain only adding to the insurmountable pleasure he’s giving me. I begin pushing my hips back, meeting him thrust for thrust.

“That’s it, baby. Fuck you always feel so goddam good.”

His words send me over the edge and my body tightens beneath him as I let go. My fingers curl around the crimson sheet while his strong hands grip my hips, guiding me back and forth with force as he finds his own release, gifting me with another mind-numbing orgasm.

We fall into a heap together, both of us searching for air. Finally, Archer rolls me over and takes my mouth in a heated kiss.  

“I’ll be right back,” he says before pushing from the bed. He puts on a pair of pajama bottoms and leaves the room.

While he’s gone I take the time to wash up and slip on a T-shirt. The moment I crawl back in bed Archer returns holding a black ball of fur close to his chest.


My conniving husband saunters toward the bed with a shit-eating grin on his face, holding a tiny black kitten.

I gasp.

Archer strokes the sweet kitty lovingly. “It’s a female, of course.” He smiles and I melt a little inside.

“I…but you said…”

“I wanted it to be a surprise but you’re so damn relentless sometimes. It was torture waiting this long.”

“She’s so cute.” I coo as he comes to sit on my side of the bed, handing her over to me.

“You didn’t actually think I’d tell you no, did you?”

“Well, I wondered. You were so adamant about not getting one. And you even wore that hideous sweater.”

“I had to throw you off somehow. Can’t let you think you get your way all the time.”

“Vaughn is gonna flip,” I tell him, holding the kitty close to my chest as it purrs.

“I know. I can’t wait to see his face. Yours was priceless by the way,” he says, kissing my cheek.

Tears sting my eyes, my chest full of happiness. “Thank you, baby. I love her already.”

“Good. I’d do anything to make you happy, even if it means getting a damn cat.”

“Shh…she can hear you.”

“Merry Christmas, baby,” Archer whispers tenderly in my ear.

“Merry Christmas, Archer.”

Hope you enjoyed revisiting the MINE crew. Alex and Alyssa's story is coming your way in 2016. So very excited to share their story!!! You can find the MINE series at all eBook retailers. 





Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Road to Justice

“How did you decide you wanted to write a book together?”

It’s the most common question KC Lynn and I are asked. So we thought we’d share a little bit of our journey with you.

Back in May, or was it June? Shit, I can’t remember. We were talking about Ferguson and all the riots going on across the country. It was heartbreaking to watch. Every day when we turned on the TV or opened up our news feed we saw nothing but hate, racism, and corruption, along with all the other messed up shit going on in our world.

We got fired up and started talking about our own views, our own ideas of peace, and what it would be like to live in a world where actions were based on right and wrong, not the color of your skin. 

So after hours of chatting and deep discussion...

A story was born!!!

It was a beautiful moment.

I think I heard doves cry.

Dammit, where’s Prince when you need him?

Aaaaanway, we volleyed back and forth, tossing around lots of maybe’s, what if’s, and drawing inspiration from one of our favorite books, A Time To Kill. Then ultimately we agreed...this story had to be told. It was something we both felt very passionate about, not only from our own experiences, but from what we were seeing happening all around us.

After we came up with the title, characters, setting and laid down the groundwork for our story, we agreed KC would write the female POV (Liv) and I would write the male POV (Grayson). There was no rhyme or reason to this decision, just kind of happened that way. However, we also agreed that whatever one writes, the other can go in and add to it and tweak. This system has worked really well for us. 

Except when we disagree. Which sucks, but fortunately for us, isn’t very often.

So we agreed that if we disagreed, we have our beta readers settle the debate. And if we still can’t agree, we delete all together.

For example, our hero originally had a tattoo, but KC and I could not agree on how it should look, and we both felt very strongly about it so guess what…Grayson will not have any tattoos.

Now don’t get me wrong, he is still one sexy motherfucker, tattoo or not, but compromise is everything.

Our vision is the same, but writing with someone else takes a tremendous amount of trust. We have to depend on one another for not only emotional support, but brutal honesty.

It’s been by far one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of our lives.

We know our STRENGTHS and our weaknesses, and we acknowledge them. We know when to give, and when to take.

But in the end teamwork is EVERYTHING.

There’s no way we could write this story alone. It takes more than one perspective to write something this heavy. Which is why we have a diverse group of beta readers as well, ensuring us that we are not one sided. 

Shout out to the Justice League!

With that being said, KC and I have been doing this long enough to know we cannot please everyone. But nobody ever made a difference by playing it safe.

A wise woman once said…

"The world you are trying to heal has many wounds of many colors."

No truer words were ever written.

KC and I are not naïve enough to think that we can change the world, but if we can heal just one wound and/or spread a little more love instead of fueling the hate, then we have accomplished what we set out to do.

So in a nutshell that’s it. I could probably spend all day talking about it, but I have beer to drink and bacon to eat. 

Oh, and a book to finish!!!

Hope you find time to check out Unlawful Justice when it releases November 17th. In the meantime, I’m leaving the cover, blurb and some teasers below!

Please feel free to comment below with any questions you might have about our journey or you can email us at 

We love to interact with readers.

Until next time…

Be kind to each other.

Title: Unlawful Justice
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Standalone   
Authors: K.C. Lynn & K. Langston 
Release Date: November 17, 2015


Seek the truth and you will find justice.

The peaceful town of Harmony Falls, Texas, has been rocked to its core by an unspeakable crime.

One that harbors revenge and injustice.

Schoolteacher Olivia Bradshaw can’t remember what happened that horrific night, but it’s easy to see the effect it’s had on those around her. All she wants is for peace to be restored to her beloved hometown, but Deputy Grayson Taylor is on a different mission. He seeks truth and justice, and he’ll do whatever it takes to find both for Olivia.

Lines will be crossed.

Secrets revealed.

Can justice prevail, or will the citizens of Harmony Falls succumb to the corruption and hate that continues to plague their small town?